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200 Degrees!

The Project45 Lear45 sim uses three projectors to acomplish 200 dregrees of visual view!



Full Cockpit!

The flight deck of the Project45 sim is modeled 100% after the Lear45 XR and is over 95% functional!



"This website is dedicated to the on going construction and progress of a home built flight simulator modeled after the Learjet 45 Aircraft. I invite you to follow along and watch the progress unfold!"

WARNING : Any information obtained on this website is for the use of FLIGHT SIMULATION only and should not be used for real world aviation!

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Please visit Hangar45 for all the latest news in the Lear45 simulation world. There you can meet with all the L45 builders and watch their projects unfold!

Project45 Products and Pricing Page coming soon!

"In the meantime, please email me for the latest Project45 Products and Pricing Guide and I will get a PDF copy out to you ASAP!"

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