The Software page is dedicated to the numerous programs it takes to run the Project45 sim at it's current high level of realisim.  There are no less than 25 flight sim related programs currently operating in the sim on three computers and one iPad Mini!  The list of programs below are in no particular order other than starting off with Prepar3D and Jet45 AAS.  Prepar3D is the flight simulation engine.  Equally important is Jet45 AAS which is the life blood of the Lear45!

Lockheed Martin Prepar3D Version 2.5


Lockheed Martin's Prepar3D is a simulation engine that encomnpasses land, air and sea simulations and was developed with training and experimental learning in mind.  Prepar3D furthers the development of Microsoft ESP while maintaining compatibility with Microsoft FSX which allows thousands of previously developed add-ons to be used within Prepar3D.  In other words, the Prepare3D software roots come from the Microsoft Flight Simulator X and it is designed to be backwards compatible.

Prepar3D has an incredible team of developers that are always improving the simulation engine software and enhancing the overall experience.  As of this date, (August 2016), they are on release 3.2 which is their third major simulation release with two minor updates.  I am currently running v2.5.   With that said, I am very much looking forward to v3.2 or greater at some point in the near future!


Please visit Lockheed Martin Prepar3D for all of their latest news and products!


Flight Deck Soft Jet45 Advanced Avionics


Jet45 Advanced Avionics Suite was exquisitely modeled after a groundbreaking glass cockpit introduced in the LearJet 45.  Jet45 A.A.S is one of the best and most complete glass cockpit solution for use with Microsoft Flight Simulator or Lockheed Martin's Prepar3D.  Packed with features found in commercial grade avionics training devices but affordable enough for the home builder.

Unlike any other on the market today, Jet45 allows you to control more aspects of your aircraft without reverting back to the panel on screen so you can keep your head out of the cockpit and see the FS scenery as it should be seen - in full screen!


If your looking for an "As good as it gets" software program to run you avionics suite for your home built Lear45 simulator, you have got to check this out! Visit Flightdecksoft to get your free trial version!

FSUIPC4 Application Interfacing Module


Peter Dowson is the master mind and creator of FSUIPC4.  FSUIPC4 is the newest version of FSUIPC and is specifically designed for FSX, ESP and P3D.  FSUIPC4 is built around a Microsoft interface called SimConnect. This interface is used almost exclusively for it's interactions with FSX and P3D.  Basically this software enables us to better link hardware components with the P3D software. 


In addition to FSUIPC4, if you are running multiple computers over a network like I am, you will also need his software program called WideFS.  If you your are planning to build a sim to the level that I have here at Priject45, FSUIPC4 is a must have software program!


Please visit Peter Dowson's website Schiratti for more information and links to purchase his incredible software products!

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