Hardware and Switches:

Honeywell "TL Series" Toggle Switches:


These "TL Series" switches are the perfect toggles for our L45 flight decks, why? Because they are the real parts! They are a bit expensive but well worth every penny. If you want to save a few dollars, you can replace the "TL Series" with the Honeywell "NT Series" toggle switches. Notice that the none locking toggles have the red protective boots. The "NT Series" also have the red boots and lock just like the "TL Series" but lesser quality. To find out what you need to order, view the Lear45 Simulator Toggle Switch Matrix HERE. Save yourself some time and money by going to On Line Components to place an order today!


Adobe Acrobat document [52.1 KB]

FDS Pro-M Series Knob kits:


The Flight Deck Solutions "M series" knobs are perfect for 18 of the knobs in our L45 flight deck. These knobs are also back lightable for the ultimate realistic cockpit! FDS offers these knobs finished and in kit form.  I got my set in kit form and found that it was fairly easy to complete them.  Be sure to take your time and follow the directions which are included with the kit.  Currently, FDS does not have them listed for sale individually so you may have to email Peter Cos and ask directly.  Go to FDS to place your order today!

Landing Gear Knob Kit:


The Landing Gear Knob is made of Nylon and every effort to attention to detail has been made to insure that it is as close to the real thing as possible.  If interested in obtaining one for your L45 project, go to the "Classified page in the Hangar45 forum.

389 Switch Replica Kit:


This kit includes over 200 laser cut and engraved parts to complete 100% of the Chromalux 389 switches found in the flight deck of the L45. For the complete parts list, click HERE. You will also find that I included several extras of each part in case of loss or damage. (The AML-A10W white caps are not included in this kit.)

Adobe Acrobat document [35.1 KB]

NOTE: 12+1 of the AML-A10W caps need to have a cut made across the top of the cap in order for the double frame lenses to fit properly. I can make this cut for you if you do not have a precision cutting tool.

At first glance the 68 square switches (+ or - one or two) that overwhelm the Lear45 flight deck looks easy enough to populate in the simulator cockpit, but let me tell you, after over two years of research, it is not as easy as running into Radio Shack or placing an online order with one of the big electronics super stores!

The actual square switches in the L45 are Chromalux 389 by Korry Electronics. The basic switching mechanism is an integrated four pole double throw switch module comprised of four independent sub miniature switch elements. It utilizes four LED’s to illuminate the “Hidden Legends” in a .64" squared cap that fits inside a .75” squared switch body. Although there are several different cap legend configurations, the L45 basically uses only two, a single legend and a double legend, one over the other. To learn more about the Chromalux 389, click HERE

Adobe Acrobat document [1.6 MB]

The Chromalux 389 is available from Korry Electronics but only to those who can afford them. In other words, this switch is not intended for hobbyist! I was told that each switch sells for around $80.00 and if this is true, it would cost over $5,600 to populate the L45 flight deck simulator. (This is over 25% of my overall budget for the project which is why I have just one rule, “No authentic aviation parts!”)

The answer to this problem is the AML-21 single pole ON/OFF and momentary switches with a switch body of .75” squared. The acronym “AML” means “Advanced Manual Line” if you were wondering.

First we had to find white translucent AML51-A10W caps that measures .39” tall which snaps right on top of the AML21 switch. From there, we will use a laser to cut out a square “frame” using black .125” (1/8th”) thick Acrylic that measures I.D. .576” squared and O.D. .680” squared. This “frame" will set on top of the AML51-A10W cap but just by the bottom half of it. The other .0625” part of the "frame" will support and frame in the laser engraved lens.

From there, we will cut out a .587” squared piece of “Smoked” engraving stock, 1/16th” thick Acrylic, with the legends reversed engraved on the back side of the material to produce the “hidden legend“ effect. This will be the same principle for the switches that have double legends on them but will require a little more work and detail.

We will be using 3mm Amber LED’s on a 5 volt system to illuminate the legends. As of this date, we will be using only one LED per legend, but this depends on the quality and the limited space within the AML21 switch body. The incandescent bulb slot will be removed from the AML21 switch body and replaced with a .25” thick piece of black foam. The LED will be pressed through the foam and held in place. This will also allow us to have two LED’s of different colors within the same AML21 switch body!

All of the AML21 switches that I have purchased from White Hawk Electronics are an ON/OFF type switch, however, approximately 1/3rd of the switches in the Lear45 are momentary action. But this is not a problem because there is a small brass pin inside the switch body that can be removed to make it a momentary action! The AML21 switch can also be made into a double pole switch by removing the pole terminal from the back side of a “dummy” switch and installing it on the back side of the switch that is to be a double pole.

Over the next few weeks, I will be posting progress and pictures of our 389 Replica switch solution. We estimate that the total unit cost per switch will be less than $4.00 which is a 95% savings over the authentic switch! The look and functionality of the 389 Replica switch will be only second to the real thing!

DZUS Fastener Replica Kit:


DZUS Fasteners have been around since 1956 when they were first developed and approved for the United States Air force and the Navy Bureau of Aeronautics, a division of government that now falls under NASA. You can find this fastener system in most all military and commercial aircraft. Believe it or not, they have found their way into the Lear45 flight deck which is why it is a topic here on PROJECT45.

These fasteners are “self locking” with 85 to 135 degrees of clockwise rotation and can be unlocked with the same counter clockwise rotation. The purpose of the DZUS fasteners is to hold down aircraft equipment control panels on a rail system so that aviation line equipment can be changed out quickly by maintenance personnel. If you would like more information on the technical aspects of the actual fastener system, you can view the February 16th, 1956 document HERE. Now that you know a little about the history and purpose of the DZUS fastener rail system, we can talk about the replica solution that we have come up with.

Adobe Acrobat document [582.2 KB]

Purchasing the authentic DZUS fasteners is out of the question do to the expense of the system. Therefore, we could either purchase aluminum replicas from an overseas simulation vendor for around $120 or make them ourselves out of Cast Acrylic with the use of the CNC machines. Currently, there are 64 DZUS fasteners in the flight deck of the L45, possibly a few more depending on the configuration of the center pedestal. Most of the DZUS fasteners are found on the center pedestal and Throttle Quadrant. They are also used on the EFIS panels on the Glare shield and the Audio Control Panels found on the MIP.

The solution is as simple as using size 4 "Pan Head" machine screws, .5" long. We will be manufacturing the main body of the DZUS fastener out of .25" Acrylic. The I.D. is .281" and the O.D. is .385". The hole in the center of the main body is .125" which will be for the screw shaft of course. We will leave .0937" of material at the bottom of the inside main body to raise the head of the "Pan Head" to near flush. Below you can see an illustration of the fastener. To the right is a pack of 70 DZUS replicas and 70 screws that I am making available to members of Hangar45!

Please feel free to contact me via my email at ronjonrollo@yahoo.com for more information on any of these items.

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