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May 27th 2019:  L45-002 has been down for the past year during a complete overhaul of every panel and part within it.  Everything is being updated to version 2.0 including all of the drawings and G-code.  During this process, Hangar45 will be updated to receive all these v2.0 files and added to the Builder Resources page!  Check it out!


March 7th 2018:  Hangar45 is now back up and is fully operational!  We now have an upgraded forum and the ability to upload files within individual post.  Check out the new and improved

Project45 Products and Pricing Guide! The Products and Pricing Guide is now available upon request via email in PDF format.  Over the past few years, I have developed several items and products specifically for the L45 project. If you are seriously thinking about building your own home built L45 simulator and would like to see what I can do to help, just email me!

September 15th 2016:

Welcome to the all new and improved Project45 website!  Project45 has a all new web template with upgraded features and the latest in security technology.  Most importantly, the website has been revamped with the addition of two new pages, Project History and Products and Pricing.  In addition, every page within Project45 has been reworked with new content and the removal of outdated information.  This process is still underway so keep an eye out for the changes!



August 15th 2016:  A couple of the members of Hangar45 have been asking me if it was possible to have a operational projection system in a room with only a seven foot tall ceiling.  For the longest time I thought that this would be nearly impossible.  But the more I thought about it, the more I thought not only is it possible but may actually be benificial.  So I decided to lift the sim up on legs by approximately nine inches and built a step.  So instead of stepping into the sim, we now have to step UP into the sim!  This actually improves the visual aspects of the screen system being that it is harder to see the bottom edge of the screen.  See more at HERE starting in post #159.

August 4th 2016:  The RMUs are finally complete which means they are in the bag fellas!  Some of you have already received them and others are still waiting.  If you would like to get a set, contact me via email at now while I am still in the RMU mood.  For more information and photos, click HERE


RMUs in the Day

RMUs at Night!

April 16th 2016: We had another "Hangar Day" here in Jacksonville Florida on April 16th 2016!  All in all we had a great time flying, eating lunch and sharing stories.  Mark and Peter flew all the way from Victoria Australia.  Dave drove down from North Carolina and Maciej drove down from Virginia.  Justin and Eric would be considered the local boys!  We will plan another one soon. 

While at Hangar Day 2016, Eric Tomlin created a great video of Maciej and Peter flying over parts of Alaska.  Take a look at at this great video with questionable landing attempts HERE

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